CHP Incidents

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Have you ever wondered not only where traffic incidents are on the freeways, but also what's happening with them -- for example, what time the ambulance got there, if the car that broke down has a tow truck on the way, and so on? 

Now there's an app for that: The California Highway Patrol (CHP) meticulously logs every incident that is reported on freeways in California, and even some that aren't on freeways (maybe close to a freeway, but not necessarily on one). Anyone can retrieve that information.

Major Features: 

  • View the incidents on a map
  • Glossary, so you can decipher what the CHP shorthand actually means.
  • A "Report" button (iPhone and iPod touch only) that not only gives you a button to call 911 in order to report incidents and traffic hazards, but also tells you roughly where you were when you pressed "Report".

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This app requires iOS 7.0 or later, and is free for a limited time (after which the price will go up to 99 cents) from the App Store.

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